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The history of the peaceful rural town of Santa Fe is profoundly shaped by the actions of a Colombian Catholic priest, known simply as Héctor Gallego. He was accused of Communism by the landowners of the area and by the Military Government of that time, since he undertook social projects and organized the poor people of the area into unions and consumer cooperatives in order to dignify the peasant work, because at that time they were subjected and exploited by the families of power. The priest quickly became a thorn in the shoes of the big landlords and he ultimately paid a huge price. Despite his kidnapping and disappearance by the ruling forces of the country at the time, his ideas and the Cooperative La Esperanza de los Campesinos (The Hope of the Peasants) continued to grow, and the peasants with it, changing forever the history and society of this rural area. On this tour we will travel through time learning about cooperative sustainable farming, neighbors helping neighbors and what forms Santa Fe culture today.

Certified Interpretive & Naturalist Guide, Transportation, Lunch

Duration: 4 Hours
Pick up at Hotel: TBD