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Soberania National Park is one of the most accessible areas for wildlife observation and bird watching in Central America. During World War II a pipeline was built along the Panama Canal to transport fuel from one ocean to the other in the event the waterway was attacked. Fortunately, it was never used. Today, the road built to maintain the pipeline provides excellent access to primary rainforests within Soberania National Park.

Soberania's 55,000 acres boast some 525 species of birds and is also home to 105 species of mammals some of which are listed under CITES (endangered species) including: large felines, Tamandua, two and three-toed sloth, 4 species of monkeys, agouti, and 59 endemic plant species in 4 life zones. This tour gives you a great overview about the beautiful flora and fauna at Soberania National Park. You will also have the option to climb the canopy tower of the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center (PRDC) allowing you to investigate each strata of the canopy up close, and explore the trails this nature reserve.


Certified Naturalist Guide, Transportation, All Tour Related Entrance Fees, Lunch, Snacks, & Water

Duration: 8-10 hours

Departure Time from Hotel: 6:00 AM