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The Isthmus of Panamá was where the Spaniards started their conquest of mainland America, and as the conquistadores marched across the isthmus, they wrote detailed chronicles of their progress. In the central pacific slope of the Isthmus they found small, belligerent communities fighting for control of the savannas and coastal waters. Their warrior chiefs covered themselves in gold to proclaim their rank as they fought each other and the Spanish.

Over the years different archeological sites have indicated the importance of the area in precolonial days, with burial sites full of gold and other artifacts.

The morning is dedicated to the precolonial period. We start our tour by visiting the site of El Caño. The latest findings of this site made the cover of National Geographic Magazine in 2012 under the title: The Golden Chiefs of Panama.

After this we will have lunch we will visit the town of “Nata de los Caballeros”, founded in the year 1520, became the Spanish command center for the conquest of the region and posses without discussion the oldest functioning Catholic church of mainland America. The Church of Nata is a jewell of Renaissance and Baroque style.

Includes: Certified Interpretive Guide, Transportation, Lunch UNESCO Site Fees,

Duration: 8 Hours
Departure from Hotel: 7:00AM