• Sombreropintao

When you travel through the Isthmus of Panama you quickly realize that the known Panama hat (from Ecuador) is not the favored hat used by Panamanian campesinos. In fact, the campesinos, or local farmers, of Panama prefer the Sombrero Pintado. UNESCO recently recognized the art of weaving a Sombrero Pintado as an example of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Intangible Cultural Heritage is a term used for knowledge, traditions and rituals that permeate the everyday life of a community and form an intrinsic part of their identity and culture.

In the town of La Pintada, the artisans grow the plants, work the raw materials, and braid the fibers to make this hat that is used throughout the country. Most campesinos have two Sombrero Pintados, one for everyday use, and a special one typically donned for Sunday mass, folkloric dances, and the community celebrations Today we will visit with the artisans, learning the hatsmithing procedures and techniques handed down from generation to generation and braiding of this unique piece of human heritage.

We will also enjoy a presentation of folkloric dances where the sombrero pintado is a key part of the costume used by the dancers.

Certified Interpretive & Naturalist Guide, Transportation, Breakfast & Lunch

Duration: 8 to 9 Hours
Pick up at Hotel: 7:00am