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Every year a massive marine mammal, the humpback whale makes a marathon of a migration to the tropical waters of the Azuero Peninsula. Here, these majestic animals mate, give birth and start rising a new generation.

Panama’s unique location as the Heart of the Americas means the visiting of Humpback whales from the South and the Northern hemispheres. These majestic creatures are one of the larger baleen whales species with adult males ranging between 40 and 52 feet and weighing up to 40 tons! Every year, during the months of July to October populations of Humpbacks visit the pacific waters of the Isthmus of Panama. Their breeding, calving and nursing provides our naturalists the perfect opportunity to share the fascinating natural history of the giant acrobats.

While on tour you take part in collecting data for Panacetacea, Panamas leading Non-Profit Organization for the study and conservation of Marine mammals. With your help, Sendero Panama staff collects data on every single encounter for Panacetacea’s scientific data bank, information that is used to establish conservation strategies and protect marine mammal habitats and their populations in Panama.

During the outing we will also have the opportunity to see other marine sea life such as dolphins, other species of whales and sea birds! Our whale watching tours are narrated by an expert certified naturalist on Cetacean natural history committed to following the regulations and laws of Panama for Cetacean observation and conservation.

All our guides are certified whale watching guides and the captains have been trained on sustainable whale watching practices, for your own security and to protect this wonderful natural resource. Afterwards we will make a stop at Isla Iguana and learn more about the natural history of the island, its magnificent frigate bird nesting sites and surrounding coral reef.

Included: Services of Certified Interpretive & Naturalist Guide, Transportation, Lunch

Duration: 8 hours 
Seasonal: July – October
Pick up at hotel: TBD