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Located in the Azuero peninsula is the wildlife refuge of Cañas Island, an island that every year receives hundreds of sea turtles to its beach between the months of July and November. The small, inhabited, island receives five different species of sea turtles and one of the most amazing nature events a traveler can experience, Las Arribadas. The Arrivals occur twice per year at this protected beach strip, where one can witnesses massive numbers of olive ridley sea turtles arriving at the same time to lay their eggs. This phenomenon is unique to this specie of sea turtle, and only known to eleven locations around the world.

Join one of our naturalist guides and experience this natural event, also learn about the efforts to protect this fantastic nesting grounds for future generations.

Included: Services of Certified Interpretive & Naturalist Guide, Transportation, Snacks

Duration: 6 hours 

Pick up at Hotel: TBD

Seasonal: July to November